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Loves of the week!


Ok so this app is like instagram, but instead of posting videos you post mini videos! How cool is that?! If any of you reading this try it out tag me in your videos, or check out mine! I’d love to see how creative you can get! Username: brita21

GifBoom: Ok so this app is exactly what the title is. Make your own GIF’s!!! This app is so fun, you can be as creative as you want making your own GIF’s I legitmately spend too much time on this app!! Once again my username is the same, follow- brita21

Starbuck’s New Hazelnut Frapp!!!!!!! I love LOVE loveee hazelnut, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this!!!! Go try one! And just so ya know Starbucks happy hour is May 4-13, 3-5pm Woopwoop!!!

Bioshock Infinite


The best game I have ever played! I have never played a Bioshock before, and I have found in the past that games that aren’t a BIG name (cod, halo, etc.) I have serious complaints with either the story or glitchy controls, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Not only are the controls smooth, the gameplay and story line is amazing. This game is visually pleasing, and the soundtrack too!! I don’t have a single complaint for this game, only that I wish it was never ending!!

The game transitions so much from start to finish. Columbia was so beautiful at the start & you watch it turn into such a dark place. & the ending was such a surprise. When I finished the game I had to just kind of sit there and process. Amazing game, everyone needs to give it a shot! ♥



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